Network Managers Workshop

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Network Managers Workshop

Network Managers Workshop

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On 18-20 February 2015 REGFOOD project organized a capacity building workshop in Copenhagen for 19 managers of 14 food networks from the four partner countries, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Lithuania.

The aim of the workshop was (1) to facilitate the acceptance and discussion of the concept of local and regional food by food networks, and (2) to facilitate exchanging experiences between food network managers in the regional food sector.

Some of the headlines from the workshop program are as follows:

  • What are current challenges for food networks?
  • How to develop a business strategy for food networks
  • How can food networks support innovation and business development?
  • How food networks can increase their members’ satisfaction?

In the following you can read  statements from three of the participants based on the workshop.

Vaida Juodzevičiūtė – Vegetable farmer, Local farmers market, Lithuania.

“Networking is very important to small regional food businesses, because it can help sustainability and growth of the business”

“The workshop was very interesting – meeting other network managers and learning about the importance of setting short/long term goals and keep working on them”

“I have now learned how to bring more structure into the network by using the goalset strategy”

Christel Hamman Malmgren, Food Experience Blekinge, Sweden.

“Cooperation/networking is very important because it strengthens the prosperous of the company and can help growth”

“At the workshop I discovered a new network from different countries with whom I can exchange experiences. I also learned new tools and are now aware of importance of using them. I am also more aware of how/why I’m working in a certain direction”

Sandra Dinny Rebild, Farmers Market Sorø, Denmark.

“Networking can help consolidate our business. It’s important because informal networking is not enough now – we need a shared end-goal”
“The short term goal of my network is to agree on the long term goal, which is to ensure growth of the farmers market”

“In particular I found the session about food network strategies, goals and activities interesting from the workshop. I also liked the exercise with the SWOT analysis of the network – I will use these tools to introduce the thoughts of implementing short/long term goals and the evaluation of these”