04 / 03 / 2014

Summer school in Sweden

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In May 2014 Kristianstadt University in Sweden will host a summer school/pilot training programme for the RegFood project.
Each partner will recruit up to 5 students to participate in the pilot training.

More on this to come!

04 / 03 / 2014

Regfood Conference in Rostock

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From January 22- 24 the Regfood project held a conference in Rostock.
The main focus points was the Development of Common Curriculum on Local and Regional Food for Students.

rostock møde

rostock arbejde

Session 1: Wednesday, 22 January 2014

In the first session, project partners will discussed the final draft of the concept paper and evaluate its implications for the development of the common curriculum on local and regional food for students. In addition, to ensure that a newly developed curriculum fits into existing educational programs at home institutions of the project partners, each partner will presented a description of relevant educational programs on local and regional food that are currently taught in partner institutions

Session 2: Thursday, 23 January 2014
In the second session, project partners will discussed the content and teaching methodology of the common curriculum on local and regional food for students. To facilitate the process, the work was carried out in three working groups: The first working group focused on the role of networking in strengthening competitiveness of producers of local and regional food in the South Baltic region. The second group concentrated on business strategy formulation for a producer of local and regional food. The third group elaborated on methodology, didactics, and evaluation of a pilot course.

Session 3: 23 January 2014
In the third session, project partners presented the results of their group work, i.e., proposals for a content, methodology, and evaluation of the common curriculum on local and regional food in the South Baltic region.

Session 4: Friday, 24 January 2014
In the fourth session, the project partners will reviewed and assessed the status of implementation of REGFOOD research projects, agreed in Sorø. The Danish team presented lessons learned from their case-study of the influence of partnership on local food production (which is a pre-test of the questionnaire developed in Sorø).

You can fint the program for the conference here: Program Workshop Rostock January 2014

The participants in the conference were:
Hanne Kjærsgaard, UCSJ, Denmark
Birthe Kofoed, UCSJ, Denmark
Anton Petrenko, UCSJ, Denmark
Bitte Müller-Hansen, Kristianstad University, Sweden
Viktoria Olsson, Kristianstad University, Sweden
Andreas Hakansson, Kristianstad University, Sweden
Andreas Diettrich, Rostock University, Germany
Jannet, Rostock University, Germany
Philipp Brinkmann, Munster University, Germany
Natalija Istomina, University of Klaipeda, Lithuania
Indre Butiene, University of Klaipeda, Lithuania

11 / 12 / 2013

Conference in Germany Jan 22-24

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Conference in Germany 22-24 of January 2014

In January educational experts from project partner universities will met in Germany to develop a pilot training programme on local and regional food in the South Baltic region.
The curriculum was based on the preceding analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of local food productions in the region as well as environmental opportunities and threats in the food industry.

The curriculum will focus on two main areas:

1. Ste strategic marketing of local food products and services on home food markets
2. Strategic partnership between producers of local food and other major stakeholders such as policymakers and distributors.

The draft curriculum will subsequently be tested at a pilot training seminar in Sweden in May 2014

To see the program for the conferenc:

Conference in Germany January 2014

11 / 12 / 2013

Conference in Sorø, Denmark

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In October 2013 the Regfood project held a conference in Sorø, Denmark.
The purpose of the conference was to discuss and further develop the concept of how to increase the competitiveness off producers of local and regional food in the South Baltic region.

The discussions were based on the preliminary finding in the Concept papers that were delivered by each of the partners.
Even though all of the local analysis and report are not yet completed, the project was able to identify certain commonalities in the region:

• High quality food products and services are delivered in each of the participating countries.
• There is a growing customer demand for high quality local food.
• Economy of scale is a challenge for small producers who experience high cost of production, and must compete with large industrial food producers.

The preliminary recommendation from project group was that economies of scale must be offset/counterbalanced by strategic partnerships.The partnerships should include both:

Horizontal strategic partnerships: Partnerships that foster greater cooperation between producers, regulatory agencies and research institutions.
Vertical strategic partnerships: Partnerships that foster networking and cooperation among suppliers, producers and customers.

As soon as the final report is available it will be posted at this site.

23 / 04 / 2013

REGFOOD – Kick off meeting

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On 12-13 March 2013, REGFOOD international project held its kick-off meeting at the premises of Klaipeda University in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

12 representatives from four project partner institutions took part in in that meeting.
On the 1st day of the meeting, the Lead Beneficiary, UCSJ, briefed the participants about project objectives, expected result, structure, budget and implementation strategy.
On the 2nd day, the participants took part in a thematic workshop on regional food concept development. They set up transnational food expert group, elected 2 coordinators elected

(Viktoria Olsson, KU and Philipp Brinkmann, MU), and agreed on deadlines for the expected results.
Klaipeda University, as a host of the meeting, arranged local media coverage.

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