Sweden – Kristianstad University

Sweden - Kristianstad University

Kristianstad University Sweden / Högskolän Kristianstad

Kristianstad was founded in 1614 by the Danish king Christian IV, part of the Swedish kingdom since 1658.

Kristianstad University is the only university in Sweden that offers at least five weeks of work-placement-based learning, in all the degree programmes.

Kristianstad in figures: 14,600 students, 40 programmes and 630 courses, 18 professors, 220 lecturers, 141 senior lecturers and 13 PhD students.

Kristianstad billede

Food and Meal Science

The bachelor program “Food and Meal Science” is multidisciplinary and features:

  • Health and nutrition

  • Food science incl. food microbiology and chemistry

  • Food culture and communication

The program was ranked with “Very High Quality” in an audit published in June 2014 as 2 of 17 similar programs in Sweden.


What are your thoughts about being part of the REGFOOD project?

“From our perspective it is a great opportunity to get to know colleagues from other universities that we could cooperate with after the project is over. It has also been very interesting to learn the differences and similarities in the four participating countries of the project. Not only for local food producers but also the way of work in the different universities.”


Bitte Müller-Hansen


Högskolan Kristianstad