Germany – Münster

Germany - Münster

The University of Applied Sciences

The University of Applied Sciences in Münster has a long tradition of education: founded in 1971 after the merger of public and private schools of engineering and vocational training institutions, it is now one of Germany’s largest and most successful institutions of its kind.

The Münster University of Applied Sciences has over 11.000 students and 15 faculties and central academic institutions. It gives proof to its competence in research and to its high quality standard in six areas:

•             Construction | Environment | Resources

•             Health | Life Sciences

•             Product and Process Development

•             Applied Social Sciences

•             Company and Service Management

•             Communication | Information

Each of these headings represents a multitude of application areas – a kind of construction kit containing about 70 individual units. They combine some hundred specific research topics.


Institute of Teacher Training for Vocational Education

The Institut für Berufliche Lehrerbildung (IBL, Institute of Teacher Training for Vocational Education), which is situated on the Leonardo-Campus in Münster, is the unit for teaching, research and services in Bachelor and Master courses in vocational education. The University of Applied Sciences in Münster and the University of Münster co-operate to explore new paths towards a demand-oriented and practice-related training of teachers for vocational education. In this context, the IBL is in charge for the collaboration of different faculties and provide lectures in vocational education and technical didactics. The IBL and the associated Professorship of Food & Nutrition didactic bring the experiences of diverse projects in the context of sustainability in the Regfood project and gain now knowledge in the field of regional and local food.